MS MapleStory Download

For you to enjoy playing the game you must need to install both the Game Client Software and DirectX. Both softwares can be downloaded from the website. But please check first if your PC conforms to the system requirements.

To download the game, go to the main page of the website and select the “Game Download” button located at the left-hand side of the screen. On the next page you will be asked to download the Game Client and the DirectX. For the Game Client, choose whether you prefer to download the entire file [.EXE] all at once (which takes quite a bit of time) or download it in parts (20 files)[.RAR format]. For the DirectX, select the version suited for your operating system: version 8.1 for Windows 98/ME/2K or version 9.0 for online installation. For Windows XP users, DirectX version 8.1 has already been automatically installed in your system, but it won’t hurt to double check.

Downloading the Game Client from a dial-up connection takes several hours, depending on the time of day you download it and considering the internet traffic on your particular service provider and the quality of the dial-up. Fortunately, when you are using a broadband or a DSL, downloading time is cut short to about 10 minutes. As for the DirectX, downloading takes only a few moments.

When prompted, click on “Save” and choose the destination on where you want the files saved. Once the download is complete, double click on the MSSetup.exe file to run the program. The computer will then automatically extract all the files needed for the installation process. Installshield Wizard will be launched to start the process. Choose the directory on where you want the game installed in. Click “Finish” once the game has been successfully installed. To start playing, double-click on the MapleStory icon on the desktop.